We represent a variety of the industry’s top manufacturers all featuring quality products at competitive prices. Both Air-Side Equipment and our partners offer you easily available product information and after-the-fact technical support on all our equipment.


Centrifugal fans, power ventilators, wall fans, utility sets, kitchen hoods. Fire, smoke, manual, and industrial dampers, Louvers .and Laboratory exhaust fans. Indoor air handling units. Gas fired make-up air units. Energy recovery units. Low  profile fan coil units. Replacement DX and water coils.

Price IndustriesPrice Industries

Grilles, Registers, Diffusers & Terminal Units (VAV Boxes) and Sound attenuators.


Architectural access doors/Roof hatches and Smoke vents


Electric duct, baseboard, wall, and unit heaters.


Flexible Duct



Gas flue exhaust fans and control systems

Spiral Pipe of TexasSpiral Pipe of Texas

Single & double wall round, oval, and specialty duct

MonoxiventDSP Monoxivent

Vehicle Exhaust, Welding, And Dust Collection


Fabric Air Dispersion Systems

FlandersFlanders Precision Aire

Air Filtration Products (Complete Line), Pre-Filters Pleated, Glass & Media, Final Med. & High Efficiency Filters, Carbon Filters, HEPA (Absolute) Filters, Filter Framing Systems, Side-Access Filter Housings, Self-Contained Filtration Systems, Roll Filters, Gas Turbine Filters, Mist Removal & Moisture Separation, Metal Panel Filters, Source Capture Collection Systems, Bag-In / Bag-Out Filtration Housings, Industrial Air Filters & Equipment, Laminar Flow Clean Room Filters, Nuclear HEPA Filters & Containment, HEPA / ULPA Filters & Equipment

Flanders Precision AireFlanders/CSC

Bag-In / Bag-Out Filtration Containment Systems , HEPA (Absolute) Filter Systems, Containment Systems, Biological Filter Systems, Bubble Tight Biological Damper Systems, Nuclear HEPA Filters & Containment


Spin Collar Fittings And Round Access Doors, Flex Duct And Acoustical Flex Duct


Gas Fired Heaters

Metal FabMetal-Fab

Positive pressure boiler flue, type ‘B’ vent, grease duct


Lab/Fume hood controls and hospital isolation room monitors




Direct Drive Specialty fans

Young RegulatorsYoung Regulators

Concealed damper operators



Air Curtains and Fly Fans


Residential Fans, Residential Hoods & Heaters


X VentX Vent

Exterior Wall Cap, Exhaust Vent & Fan for Dryer & Kitchen Ventilation.


Access doors, air mixers, air blenders, security grilles


Air MonitorAir Monitor

Air flow measuring stations


Hanging Product

FanAmFan Am

Specialty fans

Leader IndustriesLeader Industries

Roof Curbs


AcuthermAcutherm / Therma-Fusers

Thermally powered VAV diffusers


Precision AirPrecision Air

Operating room / Clean room air distribution systems



Punkah air distribution, nozzle air distribution, louvers, factory ventilation outlet, recessed grille station exhaust systems, architectural and mechanical access door.


Infra-red heating products



Variable frequency Drives, Motor Starters

UV ResourcesUV Resources

UV-C Light Fixtures and replacement bulbs


The Blue DuctThe Blue Duct

HDPE Direct Burial Underground Duct

Air Technology SolutionsAir Technology Solutions

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