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Baton Rouge, LA

Vital Source Hospital expansion included (2) patient isolation rooms. Air-Side Equipment provided all the products required to set up a system to maintain negative pressure to the hallways.

First, we provided TSI #8630-PC room pressure controllers complete with second sensors for the anti-room. The room pressure controllers measured room pressure and sent a 0-10 volt signal to a Hoffman #709-E-BVMA voltage controller. This Hoffman controller controls the voltage of a single phase Fantech #FSD-20 inline fan (due to the unique design of this fan with its’ external rotor motor, this single phase fan is 100% speed controllable without damaging the motor). All exhausted air was filtered using a 1 x 1 (24” x 24”) Flanders Hepa filter housing. If the rooms’ hallway door is opened, the TSI controller sees the room getting less negative in relation to the hallway. The exhaust fan is ramped up to maintain the room pressure set point. When the rooms’ hallway door is closed, the TSI room pressure controller sees the room becoming more negative, and slows the fan down in order to maintain the room pressure set point.

Since the hospital also required a certain number of air changes in these patient isolation rooms, a Price #RMS round flow station was utilized in the round supply air duct serving the room. By measuring this flow, the TSI #8630-PC calculated the air change rate with the cubic foot parameters set in the software. This is displayed along with the room pressure at the digital interface monitor display mounted in the hallway.

Air-Side, using TSI, Hoffman, Flanders, and Price, was able to provide all the components as well as the factory rep start up for a complete operational system.

If you have a room pressure control/monitoring system you want to be sure is done right, contact us at Air-Side Equipment. We’ll be glad to help!