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Covington, LA

Many high tech labs required a high degree of filtration of the air exhausted out of the building. The Tulane University Primate Center is no exception. This project required (42) 304 stainless steel BAG IN/BAG OUT ULPA filter housings designed to protect both the scientist and the maintenance staff that has to service them. The housings also required bubble tight dampers at the inlet and outlet of each housing so that when filters are changed, there is no air movement.

There is one company that stands above the rest when the ultimate in filter housings and filters are required. That company is Flanders/CSC, Inc. One reason Flanders/CSC is the go to company for filter housings in laboratory exhaust is that Flanders/CSC Quality Assurance Program addresses and meets all of the basic requirements of ASME NQA-1 "Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities". This Standard provides requirements and guidelines for the establishment and execution of quality assurance programs during siting, design, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Laboratory owners know this is the level of protection they must have to operate their facilities in the safest environment.

These housings were designed for a maximum leakage of .0005 cfm/cu.ft. @ 10” wg. Air-Side worked with Flanders/CSC , the contractor, the owner, and the engineer to provide housings that not only would meet their standards for quality, but also fit in the small space provided and come in under budget.

Do you have a high purity lab to design? Do you need superior containment? If so, please let us help you with your filter housing selections.