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New Orleans, LA

After Hurricane Katrina hit, the Louisiana Superdome was left in shambles. Major damage to the roof resulted in all of the main perimeter ductwork serving the stadium that was previously made from sheet rock with board insulation unusable. This “ductwork” was very large, had an odd irregular shape, and was curved around the entire stadium. A new laminated panel was specified to rebuild the ductwork. The specifications called for a 1 ¼” polyisocyanurate rigid board insulation with galvanized sheet metal laminated to both sides.

Air-Side selected Greenheck as the supplier to team up with. With a deadline that absolutely could not be extended, we chose a company that was reliable with a long history of ontime deliveries. And, we knew Greenheck had used a similar type of panel as blank offs on the rear of louvers for years.

Air-Side, Greenheck, and the sheet metal contractor worked closely together to get a quality design that could be installed quickly. To say the project was a success was somewhat of an understatement. As the last shipment arrived two weeks before it was scheduled, the contractor finished well ahead of the required completion date. This is just one example of the many custom projects that Air-Side has been associated with.