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New Orleans, LA

When the owner of this uptown New Orleans supplier of name brand running apparel was deciding on the stores’ air conditioning design, he wanted a system that performed well in both heating & cooling modes as well as something that was aesthetically pleasing and blended well with the décor of the store.

Air-Side Equipment recommended Ductsox fabric duct as a much improved substitute to ordinary spiral pipe. The commercial “Verona” fabric was chosen as an economical air permeable fabric choice which prevents condensation even in our humid local climate. Air-Side worked with Ductsox to come up with a duct design that met the very specific throw requirements of the store, ensuring that the right amounts of air were distributed to the right locations. Sizing of the ducts was especially important because the fabric duct had to perform well in all stages of the air handler unit’s variable speed conditions. The factory also furnished the fabric duct with their exclusive “3x1” hanging system which keeps the duct in a more natural inflated state even when the air units are turned off.

The end result was a great looking high performance duct system that has a lower installed cost than traditional round rigid spiral pipe and is even guaranteed by the factory to perform as designed.