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Kinder, LA

The scope of this project for Air-Side Equipment was to replace (67) existing rooftop indirect gas fired re-circulating air units and (334) existing rooftop exhaust fans with new.

All the new fans required curb adaptors to fit the existing curbs. This was no problem for Greenheck as they provided #G, #GB, and #AS fans with curb adaptors factory mounted to the fans allowing for an easy installation for the contractor.

The installation of the indirect gas fired re-circulating air heaters was a bit more difficult to accomplish. The existing curbs were much smaller than the new gas fired heaters. Specially designed curb adaptors were required allowing the units to sit above existing electrical and gas piping that ran next to the existing units. Our curb adaptor manufacturer visited the jobsite, measured each unit, and guaranteed the fit. All the contractor had to do was remove the existing heaters and install the curb adaptors and the Greenheck #IG units on top of the curb adaptors. Since the customized curb adaptors were insulated and compartmentalized, no field transitions were required. Field labor was reduced do to our unique design. Even with custom built curb adaptors, the required one week ship was not a problem.