Company Profile

Air-side Equipment ExteriorSince 1980, Air-Side Equipment, Inc., has been the leading manufacturer's representative for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment in Louisiana and Mississippi. Not only do we offer the finest lines of premier equipment, we provide the best customer service along with the deepest technical expertise in the region. Whether you’re an engineer, designer, or contractor, you will notice an immediate benefit to partnering with Air-Side Equipment and understand why we’ve been serving our clients’ needs for over thirty years. 


The Air-Side Equipment Difference

We believe that simply acting as a representative for such outstanding companies as Greenheck and Price Industries is not enough. That’s why Air-Side Equipment goes out of our way to offer benefits and services that extend far beyond the traditional manufacturer's rep. It’s the Air-Side Equipment Difference.


Over the years, our customers have come to depend on us for our unique product knowledge and quality service. We have a substantial staff of technical experts available to offer in-depth information and advice on the application of our equipment. We skillfully interpret specifications and can make sure you have the exact products to meet them. We also guarantee our quotes—another big plus our clients love.

System Design Knowledge

Air-side Equipment WarehouseOur willingness to share our knowledge in system design with our customers has proven to be a tremendous benefit to all of our associates. We are available to work with engineers, design teams and design-build contractors to provide design applications for air flow and control systems, from the simplest to the most complex. As always, we can assist you in specifying the correct equipment and you can rely on us to ensure you’re always up to date on the most advanced products available on the market. Got a LEED project? Contact us to find out about the various application of our products to meet those needs.

Customer Friendly

After three decades of experience, we have established processes and procedures that provide optimum working relationships with our clients. Our sales team is readily available and attentive to your needs. We present our submittals in a clear concise manner that’s easy for you to understand. For contractors, we guarantee our take offs. We strive to be error free in everything we do, and in the event of a mistake, work diligently to correct it as quickly as possible. 

After-the-Fact Technical Support

Air-Side Equipment stands behind the products we sell. In the rare case that there is a problem with a piece of equipment or it fails to perform to proper specifications, we will work with the manufacturer to make sure you are supplied with a new product or come to a resolution that leaves you completely satisfied. We guarantee to make you happy.

Overall, we offer a fair price for an outstanding product along with the highest level of service and expertise available. We are the best at what we do . . . and work hard everyday to ensure we maintain that status.